Welcome to Grade 10 Wellness, Health and Fitness, a developmentally and instructionally appropriate High School comprehensive program that encourages a desirable physically active lifestyle! Grade 10 Wellness, Health and Fitness is that phase of education that focuses on movement experiences that contribute to the total growth and development of each student.

In the spirit of our Be Well & Flourish school theme this year we are, as a department, creating meaningful learning opportunities in Wellness, Fitness & Health for our students.  As a department committed to excellence we will:

Engage our students in explicit language and learning opportunities in order publicly and visibly to model learning that advances the knowledge, skills and dispositions that enable students to be risk-taking, open-minded, empathetic lifelong global learners. 

We believe that LEARNING in Wellness, Health and Fitness can help achieve mastery in some and competency in other skills, knowledge, participation in desirable physical activity, development or maintenance of physical fitness and enhanced personal and social interactions that respects self and others. Other qualities of engaged participation are a value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social relationships.

Grade 10 Wellness, Health and Fitness incorporates best practices arising from both research and practice in teaching adolescents in ways that encourage success for all students, not just the physically gifted. It accomplishes this by providing a wide range of activities from the following areas; team and individual activities, challenge and cooperative pursuits, rhythmic activities, athletic development, physical fitness and health education.

    • HS WHF has a common Moodle page for the Grade 9/10 WHF and Grade 11/12 elective Advanced WHF course. We will post course content, assessment rubrics and resources on the Moodle page that will support LEARNING.  

    • We will do at least two formative assessments each unit which will prepare students for each end-of-unit Product assessment. These formative, or developmental tests, will be shown in the gradebook but are only designed to help students perform well on the Product assessment.

    • We try and keep homework to a minimum. However, in the cases where homework is given, this can be found on the Moodle page under the Homework section. The homework will be posted in the relevant teacher’s homework section.

    • If your child has any specific physical needs that we need to be made aware of please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will make the appropriate arrangements to accommodate this. 

    • WHF Uniform Policy is as follows:  1st Miss = Detention, 2nd Miss = Detention, 3rd Miss = Saturday School.