Learning Overview:

The Digital photography syllabus is a rigorous, one year program. Through experimentation and discussions, students will develop a working understanding of the following major topics: The Art Of Photography,Photoshop as an editing software,Understanding the composition in photography and Building Digital Portfolio.

Student Responsibilities

  • Academic honor and meeting deadlines

  • Respect for self and others; respect for the learning environment and school rules

  • Arriving on time with the required materials and prepared to learn

  • Hard work, curiosity, enthusiasm, and collaboration

  • Courage to come forward when having difficulty and not understanding the material

    Learning Materials

    • Digital camera, computer and editing software.    

    • Assessment

    • Developmental tasks measure a student’s progress throughout a period of instruction (i.e.   homework, project, taking photos in and out the school, etc.). Developmental tasks receive feedback designed to help students improve (i.e. comments, grades, peer editing, rubrics, etc.). Products measure a student’s achievement at the end of a period of instruction (i.e. assignments,  final project, performances, projects, , etc.). Products count for a larger percentage of a student’s final grade than formative assessments.                                                                                                                     How to create the perfect design portfolio                                                                           


      • Products count for 100% of the semester grade

        • Summative assessments are product grades and are deemed Essential Assessments

        • Formative assessments exist to provide additional practice and promote learning growth through feedback

      • The semester project counts as a summative assessment.                                                                                                                                                                                             

        Late Work Policy

        Students are expected to submit assignments before the designated deadlines. Meeting deadlines requires responsibility and students should manage their time and prioritize so deadlines are successfully met. 

      • Classroom Behavior/Management 

        It is your responsibility to read the school handbook and follow all school rules while you are at school and in class. There are, however, a few key items to remember: 

        • Be respectful of the teacher and your fellow students

        • Attendance and completion of your work is key to your success

        • Be on time and come to class prepared to learn

        • If you are present at school, you are expected to be in class. Going to the nurse’s office, speaking with another teacher, etc. does not give you automatic permission to make up any work. 

        • Turn in your work on time. 

        • Cheating and plagiarism are undignified and disrespectful. Only your own work will be accepted. The Academic Honesty policy will be enforced for all infractions.