Welcome to Robotics!
    Robotics is one of the fastest growing discipline within Engineering.  In this course you are going to  design and build robots for specific purposes and then learn how to program them to perform their tasks successfully.

    Teamwork will be at the forefront of all the challenges, just as it is in the real world. You will be encouraged to bring your strengths to the team and be able to develop ideas....... 

    How to Be Successful

    1. Come to class prepared.

    Be on time and bring all your materials so that class time is productive.

    2. Follow classroom procedures.

    Classroom procedures and expectations will be discussed at the beginning of the school year.  All rules and expectations will focus on creating a successful and positive environment for learning.

    3. Be Productive

    Using your class time wisely is an important individual goal to have every day when you come to the robotics lab.

    4. Display a positive attitude and positive actions towards yourself and others. 

    Robotics class is a positive place for you to participate, make mistakes, take risks and be creative.

    5. Be prepared to get creative and face challenges with a positive attitude.

    After School Learning:
    • I am available on a Thursday after school for students who want / need additional help. Students should speak to me during class to confirm they will meet with me.

    Should you wish to contact me please do so via email: mmoody@aisr.org